2021 Interior Design Trends

2021 it’s all about celebrating individuality and uniqueness! Take the opportunity to reinvent and refresh your home for the new year.

These 5 interior design trends will help you to visualize how your house can reflect your personality and become the beautiful place you deserve. 

Tropical-influenced vibes

At this point, we all need a vacation, that’s why a major interior design trend is the global inspiration within interiors, focused on travels, the sea, and distant shores.

Think laid-back Hawaii lifestyle, tropical leaves, and florals to create a calm and relaxed space. 

Incorporating indoor plants can contribute to this fresh vibe and help you feel more in touch with nature, even at home. 

Ocean blues

Aqua and inky blues are associated with peace, calm, and comfort. Having beautiful blue walls can help you feel more serene despite the chaos out there. 

You can combine your ocean blue walls with the tropical trend to create a peaceful and welcoming space that brightens your mood. 

Green cabinets 

Are you ready to make your kitchen more interesting? Then, you may want to consider painting your cabinets green. 

According to interior design experts, both lighter and deeper shades of green will be popping up in kitchens everywhere in 2021. 

Self-adhesive wallpaper

A Self-adhesive, removable wallpaper accent wall in contrast to rich color walls is an amazing way to upgrade your living space and embrace this year’s colorfulness. 

You can get creative and choose a bolt design to use on a very specific place, such as dresser drawers, on your breakfast bar, above the chair rail in dining rooms, above the molding in bathrooms, or even in closets.

Earthy shades

This year’s return to nature trend wouldn’t be complete without incorporating earthy tones.

All-white interiors are saying goodbye and earthy shades are joining the chat.

Rusts, warm greens, wine reds, golden yellows, and rich browns are some of the comforting colors we’ll see this year. 

To conclude, keep in mind that colors, textures, and designs can transform your house -the place you’ll probably be a lot of the time- and make it not only bearable but inspiring. A place to connect with yourself and nature.