Why Is Your Stucco Water Damaged?

Before you start looking into remedies for water damage in your stucco, you’ll need to figure out what caused it. What caused the water to seep through your home’s siding?

The most common issue is that your home’s stucco was inadequately constructed and placed. When done correctly, excellent stucco repels water. In most circumstances, this is sufficient to keep it secure. When it’s done incorrectly, though, the stucco begins to absorb water instead of repelling it.

In addition, if the stucco isn’t done correctly, it might cause harm. If the contractor lacks the necessary expertise, it will cause additional trouble in the future. They may fail to include sufficient drainage, which enables water to leave, and sealing, which keeps water out of windows and doors.

Why Do You Need to Address the Problem Right Away?

Can water damage stucco? Absolutely! There is always something that needs to be done around the home, and repairing the minor water damage does not seem as important right now. On the other hand, stucco that has been damaged by water presents more than simply an aesthetic problem.

If you overlook water damage for a long time, it will begin to decay. If you leave it alone long enough, it will rot the whole house’s walls. Because you ignored the water, restoring your home’s walls will be very costly.

You’ll be vulnerable to mold as well as decay. This brings with it a slew of health problems and additional household problems. The sooner you address water damage, the less mold you’ll have to deal with.

When selling your property, you’ll also have to consider water damage. It would help if you thought not only about curb appeal but also about how you want to sell your property. Many potential buyers may pass on a property if the stucco has been damaged by water since this might indicate worse problems.

When to Get Professional Help

You’ll need to take care of any damage symptoms as soon as you see them. Because stucco is such a specialized task, you’ll need to seek professional help. If you notice any problems, contact a specialist at once. They’ll be able to come out and inspect the damage to determine how severe it is.

If you can’t see where the damage is, they may use instruments to investigate the matter. They’ll drill a small hole in the wall to inspect the contents and check if any water has gotten inside. They will advise on the best course of action if anything is discovered.

While it may be tempting to fix the damage yourself, you should leave it to the specialists. Remember that improperly placed stucco creates these issues, so stay away from it.


You should now be able to recognize the signs of water damage in your stucco since you have read this. Always keep a constant eye on it, and if you find that it has been damaged in any way, do not hesitate to obtain help. The damage may be easily repaired if detected quickly; thus, you should not wait.